Sound design by Lucie Göckel
Diploma project - Bachelor Media & Interaction Design at ECAL

"Metamorphoses" is a video game installation that allows its universe to evolve by exploring its different dimensions. It is an organic machine representing a harmony of opposites, a duality between machine and human. There is a balance to be found: should the machine adapt to the human or the human to the machine? Human to human? Machine to machine? By participating in "Metamorphoses", players are invited to create connections by plugging in a jack cable to solve enigmas. They actively engage in the narrative and interact with the environment. The organic machine embodies a duality by making natural and technological elements coexist in an interactive and evolving environment, thereby prompting introspection about our own world.
2021-2022, made at ECAL
Collaboration with Martino De Grandis
Music by Karl Lindh
Exhibited at GIFF 2022

«La page blanche» est une vidéo de réalité virtuelle (VR) inspirée par une recherche d’archives sur l’histoire d’un bâtiment des années 1970 situé à Vérone, de l'architecte Libero Cecchini. L’exploration conduit à une architecture virtuelle en trois dimensions où le spectateur est immergé. Petit à petit, une maison se dessine et prend vie autour du spectateur. En ayant voulu détourner la place du dessin traditionnel, nous immergeons totalement le spectateur à l'intérieur même du dessin pour tester l'expérience et la potentialité du dessin 3D.
2022, made at ECAL
Collaboration with Niki Zaal
Music by Lucie Göckel

'Douce Sauvage' is a music video made for the musician Lucie Göckel.
I created websites for various clients. I usually cover graphic design, UX/UI, programming and sometimes photography/images.

Examples of website :

- https://www.luciegockel.com/
- https://www.luciechollet.com/ (soon published)

2021, made at ECAL

This experimental website immerses you in the world of Neptune’s creatures. The website draws inspiration from children's pop-up books, offering an interactive journey through an imaginative realm.

link to the website
2023, made at ECAL
Collaboration with Sara De Brito Faustino & Matteo Angelé

"Sex On The Lake" is a playful edition of popular science. In the form of an illustrated story, the book introduces all the key players in the feminization of fish and explains their respective responsibilities. This serious phenomenon is still relatively unknown to the public. Our case study, the disappearance of river trout in Lake Leman, addresses the issue in detail to raise awareness more broadly. Today, wastewater treatment plants do not filter out chemical waste. These waste products, these micropollutants, end up in the water and pose a threat to the biodiversity of aquatic environments.
2022, made at ECAL

In "Croarf Strikes Back," a plant starts moving, animated by a mechanism that responds to its surrounding’s interactions. Croarf, a vegetal creature, embodies our ambivalent relationship with nature. Through this project, we reflect on humanity's tendency to control nature and are prompted to reconsider our role as benevolent guardians of the environment.
2021, made at ECAL
Collaboration with Samuel Spreyz and Simon Schonmann

"Caustiques" is an augmented still-life project. We created a mapping sequence on the scupture, that generates caustics through the refractions of glass.

⭑ 3D creative assistant for Benoit Renaudin and Isis Fahmy
⭑ Assistant and electronic developper at Augustin Rebetez's 'La Maison Totale'
⭑ Freelancer in interaction design

⭑ Freelancer in interaction design
⭑ Project for HES-SO, «Passe-tête contre le harcèlement»
⭑ Assistant and electronic developper at Augustin Rebetez's 'La Maison Totale'
⭑ Graduated with honours - Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne in Media & Interactive Design

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